Be wise, Sanitize!

An automated kiosk with temperature monitoring and hand sanitization. Combining two crucial steps with zero human interference!

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About SANI-SCAN : 1/2

Temperature Scanner

The temperature scanner uses an infrared thermometer along with an infrared ranging sensor to display temperature with accuracy within ±0.4°C. No human contact required to display temperature. Users can measure temperature placing their palm, back of hand or forehead in front of the sensors to display their body temperature. The scanner also includes a High Temperature warning and Normal Temperature indicator.

About SANI-SCAN : 2/2

Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

The Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser makes use of Ultra-Sonic Sensors to detect a user and only dispense the appropriate amount of liquid.

  • Tank Capacity: 1.5 Litres (1500 ML)
  • Dispensing Capacity: 0.75 ML / Operation


Why use SANI-SCAN?


Infrared and Ultra-sonic Sensors enable the device to be used without any human touch and abiding by social distancing rules.


Infrared sensors detect a user, allow the temperature to be checked, displayed and hand sanitizer dispensed at rapid speeds.


Scanner detect, display and gives alerts for high temperature. Also sanitizer dispenses the appropriate amount of liquid only.


There is no installation required, only need to plug to AC switch, fill the tank with hand sanitizer, and you are ready to go.


Operating Instructions and Guide

Switch On / Off / Standby

Long press the power button to put the device into turn on / standby / turn off. Red dot on screen will indicate the system is turned on.

Temperature Measurement

To measure temperature, stand & place hand in front of sensor then device will show body temperature with Lo/Hi warning.

Switch Measurement Units

To change measurement unit, enter setup mode and choose F1. Then press A to select Celsius (°C) and press B to select Fahrenheit (°F).

Set-Up Mode

To enter setup mode, long press the A & B buttons till you hear a beep. Press power button to cycle through the setup options.

Set High / Low Temperature

Press power button twice in setup mode to go to F2 option. While in F2 option, you can set the High and Low temperature alert.

Thermometer Calibration

To calibrate the thermometer, enter setup mode and choose F3. Adjust the temperature by pressing A to increase & B to decrease by 0.1°C.

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This interactive station is NOT a medical device and does not serve in a diagnostic capacity. If you have a high or abnormal temperature, please visit the medical personnel.